Happy 420!

Did You Say High?

 Happy 420!

Happy 420! This piece by Mr. Nice encapsulates the experience and makes for an ideal background while getting lit af. And it is aptly titled too: “Did You Say High?” 48”x33” Wooden canvas. Acrylic paint, chalk and spray paint. Mocked up with a floating black frame. 

A View From High Up 

Smoke trails over paintings. Chill ambient music. Cold refreshing drinks in hand, the glass perspiring. Visualize that. 

Custom art by Mr. Nice makes for perfect company when you’re relaxing and getting blazed while sheltering in place. After all, the experience does enhance creativity and puts people in a good and humorous mood. 

We can definitely use more of that as we hunker down and find ways to pass the time during this quarantine. This lockdown might take a while and empty walls can get boring to look at. So why not decorate them?  

Fun art can enrich the moment, serve as a reminder of what we value and take joy in, improve the appearance of our surroundings. It can also make a statement. Show the world that you are a man or woman of culture. Display your appreciation for the finer things in life. Be a connoisseur!   

So add to your quarantine collection and enjoy a visually stimulating and artistic background as you lift your spirits up high!  

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