Custom Art with Quintessential Nicenes

Custom Art with Quintessential Nicenes

When you want custom art, you want custom art. As in, a work that is infused with a unique personality. Not a facsimile of uniqueness that nonetheless follows conventions. In other words, you want the real deal, not pretenders.


Mr. Nice is one of the realest guys in the room. Authentic, yet not in the usual self-serious sense of the word. Real, without pretentiousness. The rawness is tempered by a wicked sense of humor. So for those seeking custom art in Beverly Hills, California, look no further than Art by Mr. Nice.

Quintessential Niceness

What makes Art By Mr. Nice different is the man himself, his vision and his purpose. Mr. Nice loves making custom pieces, he sees them as opportunities to explore people's personalities. Albeit… through that lens of Niceness that is uniquely his.

It's for Mr. Nice’s patrons and clients a funhouse mirror. Reflections of what they show to the world, and the part they play in the pantomime that we call society. Or a snapshot of that society with a few filters playfully applied. Mr. Nice sees this and for each one he creates a piece that's special just for that individual while bearing a distinct touch of… Niceness.

Wild, expressive and ironic, with an edge while somehow still sensitive - these are what characterizes Niceness. It can be just for laughs, too. Should art always be so serious? Yet, should it all just be fun and games? Why not both at the same time - a paradox, a mishmash, a defiance of dichotomy. This is why celebrities and institutions such as Kesha, the Tiger Woods foundation, and Invicta Watches seek him out for his art.

With Mr. Nice, you are guaranteed to have something special, a one of its kind experience. On canvas. Spray painted on a wall. Painted on your handbag. You name it.

Want such unique pieces?

Whether it’s to appeal to your vanities or adorn an establishment with something eye-catching and striking, Art By Mr. Nice has something for everyone.

Reach out to your custom art creator in Beverly Hills, California.

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