A Custom Painting... On Your Handbag!

A Custom Painting... On Your Handbag!


A custom-made work of art is a statement, a uniquely personalized one that will catch the eye. Usually we imagine these to be paintings on canvas, portraits mounted in the wall. But custom artwork can come in all sorts of sizes. Including the handbag you carry around with you. 


A Custom Painting You Can Bring Around

With the mad skills of Mr. Nice, you can have that custom painting right there on your purse. It will definitely be eye-catching. You can make that bold personal statement anytime, anywhere, without having to invite guests over to your personal study or gallery to gaze upon the work. Bring it with you as you go gallivanting around town.

Show your uniqueness and individuality. Transform your handbag or purse. Make it truly personalized. This is the ultimate accessory that can deliver a message. Or just look funny. You can even have several custom-painted bags for appropriate occasions or seasons. 


Beyond Brands

With handbags and purses, the usual thing is to go for fancy brands and show off how expensive they are. Materialism much? 

For something really priceless, why not have your bag adorned with Art by Mr. Nice. You can have it both ways, a purse that’s fancy and pricey that’s also sporting custom art. It will be truly extraordinary. 

This way, you won’t draw attention because of the brand of bag you are carrying. Instead, it will be because of your own brand, your own unique personality, captured by Mr. Nice and imparted on that bag. Fancy brand or otherwise. 

After all, it’s not the fashion brand that makes these items stand out. It’s you. And with his art, Mr. Nice captures that essential you-ness and puts it on your purse. 


A Gift? Or for the Environment?

These custom painted purses are perfect gifts. They can be novelties or thoughtful presents. You can capture the unique personalities of a person in Mr. Nice’s artwork, and present it to them. Or just deliver hilarious messages and in-jokes painted on the bags. 

Moreover, they are also perfect ways to upcycle older handbags. Is it out of style? Transform it with Mr. Nice’s art and it will be new once again. 

It will also be better for the environment than just carelessly tossing stuff away because they’re no longer in season. You’re saving sea turtles and dolphins from choking to death on your handbag! Please think of the turtles... 


The Imagination’s The Limit

Mr. Nice can work his magic in all sorts of ways. Want to be surprised? Or got a wickedly devious idea for a custom painting? It’s a world of imagination, of pure creativity. With art, there are no limits to what message you can send. 


So show the world who you are with a custom painted bag by Mr. Nice. 

Thinking about it? For commissions and inquiries, contact us.

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