ARTBYMRNICE: Revolutionizing Art Through the Unique Integration of Neon Into Pop Art

ARTBYMRNICE: Revolutionizing Art Through the Unique Integration of Neon Into Pop Art

Published on December 28th, 2021 | by Jerry Doby

The art scene is quickly evolving as new, innovative artists start showing off their work. If you want to keep up, you need to know what’s new and exciting. ARTBYMRNICE is one of the artists you should watch out for in the years to come.

ARTBYMRNICE is an up-and-coming artist changing the art world with his unique pieces. He works to combine neon and pop art to create pieces with personality. He lives in Los Angeles, where his artworks are becoming sought after by the A-List scene. Mr. Nice has created artwork for brands like the Tiger Woods Foundation, SET Active, Invicta Watches, and Rolling Loud. He also loves making pieces for celebrities, including Kesha, Harry Jowsey, Alexander Mattinson, Telli Swift, Summer Rae, and Nessa Barrett. “Getting my work into the hands of influencers is so exciting,” said Mr. NiCE. “It helps bring awareness to my art, and I’m proud that famous people enjoy what I’ve made.”

ARTBYMRNICE’s work draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources like cartoons and video games, but he also highlights important issues like global warming. “I use my art to advocate for change in the world,” said Mr. NiCE. “I am passionate about being a political activist just by creating a new work of art. I think it can really make a difference.” He also has a painting that incorporates neon with “smoking kills” written on the canvas. “I think young people are a primary audience for my art since it’s so new and innovative,” said Mr. NiCE. “I want to do good in that community while also just making silly art that Gen Z will enjoy.”

The artworld is changing, and more unique artists are bursting onto the scene every day. ARTBYMRNICE has shown itself to be a formidable force that will be creating new, unique pieces for years to come.

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