I create to relax my mind, and I try to create pieces that will somewhat inspire people to be a little bit more jovial and a little bit happier. There's a ton of negativity out there; we have a platform as artists to create these items which resonate and hopefully allow people to forget some of the negative connotations attached to life.

I believe I'm at 52 pieces I've created during quarantine now. We're so busy all the time, and we don't get to fully appreciate the day-to-day goings-on. So with everything being shut down, I'm trying to turn this quarantine into a bit of a silver lining and a positive.
It's allowed me to get into the creative zone, and I've been creating one a day since the beginning.

When I'm creating, the piece generally changes from moment to moment. I've come up with a ton of ideas try. To make somewhat of a blend between street art, pop art, and a tiny bit of abstract. Then once it translates on a canvas, I take a step back, and it takes me out into a somewhat meditative state. And nothing else is relevant. You don't care about your bank or bills... You don't care about anything else. You don't care about rent. So everything just gets submerged in this - this deep concentration, and I feel that's what art gives me. It allows me to take myself out of the real world and put myself into this creative area that I'm in to try and manifest something nice.


My name is Sonny Henty, my art alias is Mr. Nice, and I am a full-time artist.

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